by Leo Mateus

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anothertransboi Im so glad there is some relatable music for trans individuals and lbgt+ people. This album gives me a sense of positivity, thank you Leo!! Favorite track: May the Fourth.
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itsjadabitch my favorite song because it has so much emotion and so captivating Favorite track: Cicatrization.
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released December 20, 2016



all rights reserved


Leo Mateus UK

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Track Name: Change The Sky
Call out for me -
Home, I’ll come home.
Are you here, through these walls?
Now come back, tell me everything you saw.

Gold in your eyes, you left some in mine. There's
Earth intertwined through our irises, no more wires fit.

Talk out for me -
Home, you’re not home.
Eve, she calls -
Said there’s a sky out of control

Know that I’ve grown, still the same, 4 weeks late,
You’d be proud of what I’ve made of my own name.
Track Name: Triggered by Fault
"This road won’t make you bleed for much longer
Ring home, tell them you’re much older and that we’re not alone.
I know it’s cold but you’re toes won’t freeze over,
Go on, I’m sure we’re getting closer"

Eve won’t sing you to sleep, tonight, theres --
Red bleeding through your thighs, I still
Remember the look in his eyes,
Eve and the ghost, eve and the ghost of you.

Dawn’s back, she cracked at the fire he’s trying to light,
Beds gone, camps out, it’s a 4am walk in the night,
You’re cold, your toes froze over with ice,
"Don’t call her phone, i’ll get out of your sight,"

Eve won’t sing you to sleep, tonight, a broken -
Fever won’t come as a surprise,
And I still remember the look in his eyes,
Understanding the ghost,
Looking out for
The ghost of you.
Track Name: Dear Liberty
Darling, my head’s been swimming in dysphoria
Evenings cut deep, I’m left without euphoria,
All I was asking for, was relief,
Reliefs been hiding between you and me.

Light’s in my eyes, I’m saying bye to you.
It’s not what you’ve done, but what I’m going through.
Bleeding through nights, of haunting dreams and riptide sleeves, this
Eve is here, I’m saying goodbye.

Reaching out, I’m reaching out (x2)

(first verse, after euphoria cut to - )
This skin is golden, but it’s not my truth,
Your skin is golden, but it’s better on you.
Track Name: Call Me Out of This
Call me out of this mess,
After these flames dissipate in my head
Loose fire. Cannons blazing red,
Loose fire. Cannons blazing red.

Make me the subject of this test,
Evenings come quick, i’m losing this bet.
Out of sight, out of mind they said
Under these lights my voice is asking for rest.

Take me
Out of here
Fear knows
That I’m near

Hold me out of here
I know that I’m near
Save me from this fear, I know that I’m here
Track Name: May the Fourth
My fingerprints have kissed this humble sun, with two hands on my lungs, this
Angel she held the light in her palms, sending me her love.
Young minds don’t fall behind they sing against the soul asking to be held tight, I’m not
The foolish child that's holding back when I’m supposed to be alright.

His fingerprints have torn this humble sun, with two hands on my lungs,
Even his eyes, they stare through my heart, like I’m not alive.
Fragile minds don’t fall behind they sing against the soul asking to be held tight, I’m not the
Only child that's holding back when I’m supposed to be alright.

Under these eyes, I hold my hands tight, I’ll be alright.
Right through these nights, I hold my hands tight, I’ll be alright.
These feet are bruised, but I’ll hold them tight, I’ll be alright.
He’s losing me, and I’ll watch him leave, I’ll be alright.
Track Name: I'm Recovering
I’ve left nowhere to hide
My bones aren’t so bruised, but I’ve no sense of life.
Recovery seems like an
Eikonology for losing this fight. I’m losing this fight. The

Cold won’t take me, I’m
Over shaking, through these
Vacant repeatings, I’m
Empty and seeking some rest.

“Rose quarts won’t impact my sight,
I’m perfectly able to sleep through this night,”
Naivity seems like a pull from
Gravity, but I’m far from a flight.
Track Name: This Cold won't Leave
Two weeks and i’m back out in the open,
Holding my throat that’s frozen over
I see the lamp light in the ocean
Send me a sign, a lucky clover

Crawl to your bedside in the morning
One more, one more never works,
Love, you're getting lost inside this whirlwind,
Did you notice?

Water flows right through your toes but,
Only the cold will make it real. The
Night light, pierces through your window,
Tell her the fire makes it real.

Lightning burning through your blood cells,
Eve want’s you here back out the ocean,
Ask her to lead you where the mind sails, the
Venom will seep beside the motion, the
Ending will seep beside the motion.
Track Name: Gone Swimming
Gone - I’m out of my depth
Off this shore, in this sea I haven’t swept.
No one’s been out here for days -
Empty seats, empty foot prints, no face.

Sounds keeping me awake -
Wishing I’d stay, feeling this afraid
I’ve not been out here for days,
Muffled speech, muffled voices, no face.

Meet me underneath the waves,
I’ll be sleeping underneath the waves,
No one see’s me underneath the waves,
Gone swimming, gone swimming.
Track Name: Cicatrization
Come, come take me home
It’s been some time that i’ve been this alone
Come, come on your own - these
Arches fell over years ago.

Talk me out of this mess, you’re
Right but my mind won’t say yes.
I’m stuck here, talking over death- these
Zig-zag seas, lucid dreams, no rest

Act, act out the words
This pain feels different to hurt.
I’ve, I’ve been away,
Over these past few days, there's
No way to stay safe.
Track Name: Three Thousand
Three thousand days under water,
How does it feel as the author?
Reading hours, spelling sounds so effortless?
Empty scowls, silent howls so effortless?

Eight hundred days under water, he sinks
Through his skin, facing torture.
Holding down his eyes so effortless.
On his knees, no pleads, so effortless.

Un-taint his mind, show him chivalry,
Show him that life wants to set him free,
And his heart will sleep so effortless,
No more breaks in his breathe,
Dangerous thoughts in his steps, so effortless.
Track Name: I Won't Apologise
I’ve got this fear in my sleeves, the
Water waves open and staining my cheeks, the
Open air scares me, will I be allowed to breathe.

"No love, I promise you’re safe.
This man is a concept and his idea's unscathed."
Ask me tomorrow, I hope it’s the same.

Please, please don’t leave. Please don’t leave.

One more, one more sleep.
Look up and you’ll see where we need you, the
Open air scares you, but you’ll push yourself to breathe. Don't

Go back, ‘cause the change is ahead,
I promise you’ll wake up without this regret, you can
Zone out this evening, I’ll lay beside your bed.

Eden, eden won’t be free, if you’re not here to see.
Track Name: Choosing Recovery
Come out to this mystic sea, I’ll be home.
Hold me, and my missing lungs, I’ll be home.
Only the best of me is to come - but
Only if I set myself free from what I’ve done.

Said I’d be gone, don’t wait out for too long.
I’ve got the lines, they’ll be here when It all goes wrong.
No, I won’t be long, just hope I can wake out of what was wrong.
Go out and be on your own, I just wanna wake up and feel home.

Read the words back to me and I’ll be home - when
Eve sinks me through to my feet, I’ll be home
Come watch the sunset with me, I'll be home,
Only if I set myself free from what I’ve known. The -

Victim won’t breathe, he’s been out for too long. Call the
Emergency team, don’t let his little brother see him leave.
Right as he falls to his knees, his heart bleeding through his sleeves,
You'll set yourself free, just come back and stay with me.